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A Catalyst for Change: Growth Partners’ Impact Across the US

We understand problems that may seem isolated are often connected, so we look at interventions through a systems lens. Growth Partners works to understand what clients want to accomplish and the challenges they’re facing, then design customized approaches that achieve desired results quickly and efficiently.

Helping Clients Across the United States

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State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Growth Partners evaluated state behavioral health planning councils and produced recommendations for streamlining and enhancing operations for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Growth Partners is helping the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services redesign its substance use prevention system using a results-based management framework.

Cutting Tobacco Violations: North Carolina's Data-Driven Success

Spikes in tobacco retail violation rates (RVR) put North Carolina at risk for noncompliance with federal legislation and millions of dollars in federal penalties. We helped state leaders cut the RVR in half in one year by developing easy-to-use data collection tools that generate real-time data, so state agencies and their partners can monitor and better target their efforts.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

Growth Partners operates the New Hampshire Technical Assistance Center for behavioral health practitioners across the continuum of care and coordinates and facilitates four Communities of Practice that focus on Prevention, Substance Use Disorder Treatment, Peer Recovery Support Services, and Health Systems Addictions Care.

NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network

Growth Partners is evaluating factors impacting law enforcement referrals of youth to diversion programs for New Hampshire’s Juvenile Court Diversion Network.

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical System

Growth Partners team helped the Dartmouth-Hitchcock (DH) medical system refine, conduct outreach for, implement, and analyze a survey to collect grassroots observations on changes in substance use and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DH, along with state and community organizations, will use the data to improve public health responses into the future.

Helping the Oregon Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission Engage Partners and Plan for Change

Oregon Image

Growth Partners staff facilitated a politically sensitive, state strategic planning effort mandated by Oregon’s Legislative Assembly after the Governor declared substance misuse a public health crisis. This effort involved working with the Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission to analyze health indicators and state policies, evaluate economic impacts, and conduct listening sessions across the state, in collaboration with 14 state agencies, the Legislature, and the Governor’s Office. The final plan includes targeted  goals and objectives, measurable outcomes, evaluation metrics, stakeholder perspectives, an economic evaluation of the cost of inaction, and processes for interagency strategic financing. It can be viewed at

View Oregon’s strategic plan now.

South Dakota's Success Story

Growth Partners staff worked with state leaders to develop a results-based contracting system for community and tribal grantees, then provided intensive training and technical assistance to help community and tribal members strengthen their use of performance management processes. Within five years, rates of underage drinking across the state declined by more than 50 percent, from one of the highest rates in the nation to below the national median.

City of Flint / Genesee County

City of Flint/ Genesee County  Growth Partners helped community leaders build diverse partnerships and use performance management and systems approaches to reduce alcohol-related motor vehicle crash deaths more than 50 percent—and crime nearly 50 percent—in one year, saving the county an estimated $20 million in costs through a $180,000 investment of funding.

North Country Health Consortium

Growth Partners’ organizational assessment and development processes have been used to create vibrant local, tribal, and state health systems across the country for the past two decades. These processes have been taught at American Public Health Association Learning Institutes and used by SAMHSA to improve the outcomes of state and local grantees.

Growth Partners has helping regional alcohol and other drug continuums of care, such as the North Country Health Consortium, use these processes to strengthen partnerships and organizational and health outcomes.

The assessment process brings health system members and partners together to analyze, discuss, and prioritize key indicators in the areas of system leadership, capacity, and use of effective practices and processes.

Iowa Department of Health

Growth Partners developed a 6-part customized training series for the Iowa Department of Health to support grantees funded through the CDC’s Overdose Data to Action (OD2A) grant program.

In addition to developing customized PowerPoints, we also provided facilitation guides, presentation tips, and resources to help state staff and local trainers feel comfortable providing the trainings to
audiences across the state.

Regional Public Health Network Evaluation

RPHN 2.0 The Future of Regional Public Health Networks in New Hampshire

Growth Partners conducted a participatory evaluation of New Hampshire’s 30-year investment in Regional Public Health Networks.

Read the report of findings and recommendations.

Standards of Excellence for Recovery Community Organizations

Growth Partners helped the state develop customized Standards of Excellence for Recovery Community Organizations that align with national standards, as well as a participatory process for reviewing RCO alignment with the SOEs.

View thee documents now.

Building Capacity and Readiness for Change in North Dakota

Growth Partners conducted capacity assessments of local and tribal public health entities funded by the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services, Behavioral Health Division and is providing training and technical assistance to build local capacity and readiness for reducing problems related to alcohol and other drug misuse.

Empowering Nebraska: Multisector Partnerships Curb Substance Use

Growth Partners’ staff provided intensive training and technical assistance to help community and tribal members build strong multisector partnerships and use data and performance management processes to reduce underage drinking and other substance use issues across the state. As a direct result, state rates of underage drinking began declining in just two years, and the number of communities successful in obtaining highly competitive Drug-Free Community grant funding increased from 2 to 11 in just two years.

Transforming Health in Wyandotte County: Strategic Planning for Better Outcomes

Wyandotte County, which includes the Kansas City, Kansas metro area, ranks as one of the least healthy counties in the state. Growth Partners conducted a clinical services evaluation for the United Government Public Health Department (UGPHD) and are helping UGPHD develop a strategic plan with evaluation measures to improve priority health and social issues in Wyandotte County.

Enhancing Environmental Health: Strategic Planning in Garland, Texas

Growth Partners is facilitating a strategic planning initiative for the Garland, Texas Environmental Health Department which will include goals, objectives, and outcomes; implementation criteria, and evaluation metrics. This effort includes developing multilingual data collection changes on tools to help EH staff monitor progress over time.

Kentucky School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies: Advancing Community Solutions

Growth Partners staff have provided training and technical assistance on needs assessment and systems approaches to problem solving for community members through the Kentucky School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies.

Revamping Behavioral Health for Older Adults in Michigan

Growth Partners staff helped the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and other state agency and regional partners engage in a statewide planning process to create a new behavioral health service system for adults ages 55 plus. This effort involved convening state agencies and their local equivalents to analyze assessment data, identify desired outcomes, and develop evaluation metrics. The plan has been featured nationally and is available for viewing at: Michigan Older Adult Wellbeing Initiative Strategic Plan

Improving Tobacco Enforcement in New Hampshire Through Real-Time Data

Spikes in tobacco retail violation rates (RVR) put New Hampshire at risk for noncompliance with federal legislation and millions of dollars in federal penalties. We helped state leaders cut the RVR in half in one year by developing easy-to-use data collection tools that generate real-time data, so state agencies and their partners can monitor and better target their efforts.

CIFOR and Growth Partners: Collaborating to Combat Foodborne Diseases

The Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response (CIFOR) is a multidisciplinary collaboration of eight national associations and three federal agencies. Growth Partners evaluated CIFOR’s organizational effectiveness and helped CIFOR members create a national plan with evaluation metrics for reducing foodborne disease outbreaks.

Our Unique Approach to Problem Solving

It’s human instinct to try to solve problems quickly, but jumping to strategies rarely works and can even make problems worse. We help people develop a deep understanding of where and why problems are occurring, then design solutions together that will have the greatest impact.

Our process helps clients solve problems regardless of complexity.


Root causes of problems.


Partners and stakeholders to develop consensus, capacity, and readiness to act.


A course of action that targets root causes and identifies clear roles, deliverables, and performance indicators.


The strategies needed to carry out the course of action.


Performance and make mid course corrections as needed.

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We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach or make you select from a menu of services. We work with you to identify what you want to achieve and design customized services that work best for you! We have access to national experts, and proven effective tools so we are ready to provide a range of services—here are just a few examples:


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What our Clients Are Saying About Us

North Country Health Consortium

“We could not have been happier with the assistance we received. Growth Partners was knowledgeable, professional, patient, and creative and it was a positive and rewarding experience.

Carroll County Coalition for Public Health

“Thank you to the Growth Partners team for their thorough and valuable attention to our request. The data summary and final infographic will be invaluable tools to our work to raise awareness, identify needs and organize community response to those needs related to adolescent health in our community. “

Carroll County Coalition for Public Health

“The group was extremely patient and pivoted with us when we wanted to look at data through a different lens. I was very impressed with the details of the process. 

We measure our success by what our clients achieve.

Laurie Barger Sutter

Chief Executive Officer, Growth Partners

Example of Our Work

Our team has a rich history of helping clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors design and implement change processes that achieve and exceed desired outcomes. We’re experts in creating transformational and sustainable change that enhances peoples’ lives and work. Check out how we are working with our partners in New Hampshire.