Mana Rose


Mana Rose has dedicated her life to improving outcomes for vulnerable populations. She is an experienced researcher with a breadth of knowledge in public health. Using data analytics and evaluation to improve public health systems has been at the core of much of the work Mana has accomplished. At Growth Partners, she uses her expertise to analyze risk behavior data and recommend interventions that address risk behaviors including those that contribute to substance abuse. She uses her skill at evaluation to design data collection tools and analytic frameworks to improve public health systems. For the University of Florida College of Medicine, she oversaw NIH and NIDA research projects and grants. Mana’s work with JBS International entailed analyzing state behavioral health data to improve system outcomes. She also designed and implemented e-learning trainings for public health professionals. As a program manager for the National Network for Youth, Mana continued her work with HIV/AIDS prevention and expanded her experience to include substance abuse prevention. As a Peace Corps volunteer, she advanced health education in Dominica with a focus on HIV/AIDS education. Working at Save the Children, Mana managed program activities and researched and wrote materials on family planning, reproductive health, child survival, and specific interventions concerning community-based settings.