We measure our success by what our clients achieve.

For example, we’re proud to have helped:

  • The City of Flint/Genesee County, Michigan reduce alcohol-related traffic crash deaths 50% in 1 year and maintain the reduction for more than a decade.
  • South Dakota reduce underage drinking 50% in 5 years, going from one of the highest rates in the country to a rate below the national median.
  • North Carolina reduce Retailer Violation Rates of tobacco sales to minors 40% in 1 year.

Laurie Barger Sutter

CEO and founder

Helps people design systems that enhance well-being.

Jeff Barr


Helps people use data to improve programming and keep tobacco and vape products out of the hands of youth.

Elliott Vanskike

Managing Editor

Creates and produces materials that empower people to make positive change.

Mana Rose

Director of Research and Evaluation

Helps people use science to improve organizational outcomes and people’s lives.

Melissa Silvey


Manages, crafts, and guides interventions that improve outcomes for people.