Paul Sutter

Paul Sutter


Paul Sutter is a seasoned professional with a strong foundation in urban planning, data analysis, and compliance, who has built a distinguished career by enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of public health and financial systems. Currently serving as a Research Assistant at Growth Partners in Lincoln, Nebraska, Paul conducts in-depth research on public health trends and policy impacts, contributing significantly to a broader understanding of these critical areas. His work involves evaluating public health department capabilities and utilizing advanced statistical techniques to influence strategic decisions, advocacy, and policy formulations.

Prior to joining Growth Partners, Paul honed his expertise in financial regulations and IT security at LincOne Federal Credit Union and Union Bank and Trust Company, where he played a crucial role in intercepting fraudulent financial activities and enhancing institutional compliance. His rigorous approach to securing transactions and managing high-volume financial processing has prevented significant financial losses and bolstered organizational security.

Paul is also deeply committed to community service, having volunteered with local organizations such as Meals on Wheels and the Parks and Recreation Department, further showcasing his dedication to societal welfare.

An active voice in urban development, Paul independently writes and publishes a blog that addresses vital issues like zoning, NIMBYism, and social equity in urban planning. His research-driven articles, leveraging resources from entities like the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, resonate with a broad audience, fostering public engagement and discourse on these pivotal topics.

With his ongoing education in architecture and urban planning at the University of Nebraska, Paul continues to expand his expertise and impact, driven by a passion for creating resilient and informed communities through enhanced public health systems and robust financial practices.