The Oregon plan was cited in a 2022 issue brief produced by the National Governors Association.

Growth Partners’ organizational assessment and development processes have been used to create vibrant local, tribal, and state health systems across the country for the past two decades. These processes have been taught at American Public Health Association Learning Institutes and used by SAMHSA to improve the outcomes of state and local grantees.
We’re currently helping regional alcohol and other drug continuums of care use these processes to strengthen partnerships and organizational and health outcomes. The assessment process brings health system members and partners together to analyze, discuss, and prioritize key indicators in the areas of system leadership, capacity, and use of effective practices and processes.

Oregon Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission Oregon Statewide Strategic Plan

In 2019–2020, Growth Partners staff facilitated a legislatively mandated, statewide strategic planning process for the Oregon Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission and 14 state agency partners.

Growth Partners staff helped state partners develop a vision for the state’s behavioral health system and use health indicators and health systems data to identify measurable, realistic, and time-limited goals, objectives, and outcomes. But we also incorporated several additional components into the plan to address the state’s unique conditions.

To help Oregon policymakers understand the cost of inaction, we conducted an economic evaluation of the cost of substance use on the state’s budget. With the blessing of staff at Columbia University’s Center on Addiction, Growth Partners staff updated and replicated the Center’s iconic “Shoveling Up” studies to evaluate the current economic impact of substance use on Oregon’s budget.

Growth Partners staff also developed a strategic financing template to help Oregon state agencies quantify the scope of services—and associated costs—needed to achieve the goals, objectives, and outcomes in the statewide strategic plan.

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